The Seebreath indicator is produced from impregnated
porous membrane. The impregnation comprises dyes plus
an intricate chemical composition yielding the unique
The precise properties of the indicator will be affected by
the way it is designed into a host product:
* Rapid reversible color indication from blue to green to
   yellow at the range from 0 to 5% CO 2.
* Indication up to 40 breaths per minute is possible.
* Shelf life up to 3 years.
* Usage time up to 5 days.

The Seebreath colorimetric CO2 detector technology has
recently been further developed to be utilized in a quantitative
measuring system for respiratory CO2 concentrations. Using
a smartphone to encode the colors of this specially designed
detector we have demonstrated that it is possible to generate
capnograms both in sidestream and in mainstream
arrangements with an accuracy and precision comparable to
those of established capnographs in clinical use.
The new method is called Colorimetric Smartphone Capno-
graphy (CSC) and can also be conveniently used for
monitoring CO2 during manual ventilation and CPR.

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